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TeamsPhone is a Office 365 telephony add-on which pairs any existing Phone System with Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing. It incorporates the business phone into Teams, transforming it into a softphone which enables users to make and receive internal and external calls in Microsoft Teams.

Unified Communications

Teams is the go-to tool for collaboration and conferencing. When enhanced with business call calling functionality, Teams becomes a truly all-in-one collaboration and communication tool

1-click deployment

A unique solution that provides complete automation of Direct Routing, all controlled by easy mouse clicks in the user portal. IT admins will come to appreciate its simplicity and power

Keep your phone system

Any phone system or legacy PBX can be integrated with Microsoft Teams via a virtual bridge that TeamsPhone creates between the two systems. Seamless, non-disruptive and risk-free integration

Secure communication

From encrypted calling to using Microsoft Identity platform for authentication - security is our top priority!


Compatible with most IP PBX brands out there

panasonic pbx


A perfect solution to the 'remote work' reality

Enhance your phone system with Teams native calling

Your fully-fledged phone system is something you've invested in, staff is accustomed to, provides you with a feature-rich telephony solution upon which your business relies on for day-to-day communication.

Why scrap it or run it decoupled just because Teams is awesome at chat-collaboration and bridge conferencing? Instead, seamlessly connect the two systems and achieve a truly unified communications experience

  • Get cost savings by keeping your existing PBX, phones and calling plans
  • Get cost savings compared to expensive Teams Calling Plans
  • Unify voice communications around Teams
  • Teams app becomes your new PBX softphone

Ideal for businesses with staff working remotely

Now more than ever it has become essential to empower your employees to work effectively no mater their location, either from home or on the go.

Too often we see cases where employees use Teams for collaboration and video conferencing, while in the same time have softphones running in parallel for telephony.

Our cloud telephony solution aims to solve that problem by integrating the business phone into the same Teams app we are all used to

  • Work from anywhere
  • Work on any device
  • Use the same Teams app
  • No employee training required

Works with any IP phone system or legacy PBX

To connect to your phone system, the TeamsPhone platform uses standard SIP protocol, similar to how a VoIP phone works. As a result - virtually any phones system can be seamlessly integrated

  • Keep your existing phone system
  • Keep same phone numbers & extensions
  • ​No number porting required
  • Keep your VoIP provider and calling plans
  • Works with both hosted and on-premise PBXs

Quick and easy deployment

An intelligent provisioning portal manages the TeamsPhone service.

1-click Sync of your Office 365 tenant and you are ready to go

  • 100% automation of Direct Routing
  • Up and running in minutes
  • No extra hardware or software

Not just another Teams integration reseller

TeamsPhone is a service that was built in-house from the ground up. We control every aspect of it.

Sure, reselling a service is easy. Most similar offerings out there are resell. With countless multi-tier resell partners, each adding their $1 to the final price, what ends up happening is the beneficiary of the service paying extra for all that.

  • Not a resell. Direct Business-to-Business only
  • If you find a better price - we'll match it!
Step 1

Gather PBX info

You'll need it when activating the service

Step 2


Ensure you have sufficient Microsoft Phone System or E5 licenses. Don't worry about assigning them, we'll do that for you!

Step 3


Activate the service with 1-click in the admin portal

Step 4


Import users from Azure Active Directory and enable Teams voice calling, all with a click of a button

Step 5

Start calling

Sit back and watch how the Dialpad shows up in Teams. You're good to GO, start calling and receiving calls!


PBX Connector for Businesses

SaaS service to connect an existing PBX to Teams

PBX Connector for Service Providers

Integrate, customize and self-host in your own telecom environment


Simple low cost monthly subscription



  • Up to 25 users
  • 30-day Trial
  • All the paid features
  • Unlimited calling



  • 25 users and more
  • Unlimited calling
  • No contract
  • No extra fees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TeamsPhone works with pretty much any PBX that is SIP compliant, in other words any phone system that works with VoIP phones such as Yealink, Polycom, Grandstream etc. It will NOT work with digital (not to confuse with VoIP) or analog phone systems, for example some legacy Nortel phone systems. If you are not sure if your PBX supports VoIP phones, please consult the manufacturer documentation.

    You can use both On-Premise (you have a physical box that’s your phone system) and Hosted PBX systems with TeamsPhone. A Hosted PBX is a cloud-based, virtual PBX phone system that provides phone service over the Internet instead of a self-managed appliance or server located at your premises.

  • You start with a free trial. We don't collect any payment information until you're determined TeamsPhone is the right product for you.

  • TeamsPhone service is currently available in the U.S. and Canada. For more details and to get notified as we support additional countries - Contact us

  • To voice-enable Teams, users will require the Microsoft Phone System add-on licence. Once assigned to a user, the Dialpad will show up in Teams, on all user's devices. The Microsoft Phone System licence is a Teams add-on license that can be assigned to a user directly, is included in the E5 license or can be part of other Microsoft bundled licenses.

  • Anyone can get a one-month free trial of Microsoft 365 to try it out. The trial is available at
    If you are a Microsoft partner, Office 365 demo tenants are available from, select “Microsoft 365 Enterprise Demo Content”

  • No, nothing changes in terms of your phone numbers, extensions, calling plans and telephony contractual agreements, they all stay the same since calls will be serviced by the same phone system you have in place.

    If your phone system is located behind a strict firewall either a corporate outbound SIP proxy - some firewall changes may be required to accommodate our systems to communicate with yours. In such cases, please contact us for instructions.

  • Of course, you get to keep your PBX and all its features, with all the phones that you may have: deskphones, softphones and now… teamsphones!

    If the user has more than one device - calls will ring on all of them, including Teams, user decides which one to answer.


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